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What I do


1:1 Business consulting

Ever heard of a saying, “if you can think it, you can make it?” With the growth of the gig economy, many people are in a job and doing something or two aside.

Perhaps, you just made your side hustle a full-time job. And although the passion is there, or the product superior, your customer experience is in limble.

This one-on-one session gives you an opportunity to look at your business from both the insider and outsider perspective. From choosing your niche, working through your core values, building systems and paying attention to the trends and market demands, this session gives you an opportunity to add the human value to your business.


1:1 Career Development

There comes a time when anything that doesn’t move becomes stale.

Think about the way we knew work before COVID-19. What has changed?

Are your skills translating to the demands of your external environment?

Just like any organization that isn’t limited to short-term gains, neither should your career. Successful organizations are constantly building their human capability with talent that is ready to share ownership. Are you that talent?

This session brings you to a space of imaging your career ideals, building a career compass and walking with you to evaluate your core values and interests. It gives you the tools to assess the current you, in your career and create a work plan to achieve your ideal… Whether you’re stuck and not enjoying what you do or you’re figuring out how to pivot, this is your deal-breaker.

This session will give you the right tools to help you show up and make a statement.


1:1 Brave Leadership

The reality of life is that we can be on the right track and living our purpose, but not to its fullest potential. We are often held back by the beast we never want to face.

Whether it’s work politics, relationships, business engagements or even a career move. This session takes a person-centered approach to meet you right there where you’re feeling stuck at.

It’s tailored around the three aspects of the wholehearted self; Thinking (cognition), Affect (feeling) and Doing (behavior). This session gives you the right tools to identify what might get in the way of your learning or practicing new ways of showing up or being braver.

It gets you to give permission to yourself to…..(fill in what you want to face). Whether you’re a business owner, mid-career, senior management, or someone ‘needing’ a brave move, this program will get you to face your vulnerability, live into your values, brave trust and learn to rise.


1:1 Personal Growth

One day, you were born. You crawled on your tummy, then on fours and then walked.

And whatever the level and pace of development, you are not who you were before but certainly not where you want to be. You sometimes cry out in silence and you know you need help. The personal growth sessions take you on a growth journey points of exploring the current you versus the future you. 

From critically analyzing yourself to prioritizing self, switch your mindset to facing your ideal world, setting SMART goals and designing your bucket list. You will become the artist of your life creating your ideal world.



Shamim is an expert on culture design for organizational development. If it’s engaging your teams into conversation on change processes, talking about those things no one wants to talk about, or creating clarity where there are cultural tensions. Shamim will deliver purposeful results that will help you tell your story.

Previous Projects

Below are some of the projects where Shamim has collaborated in an effort to impact lives across the world

I am part of a collaborative mentorship scheme run by LSE Africa Centre. I am a leadership mentor to Africa’s brightest young minds, collaboratively sharing knowledge and experiences with aims of contributing to innovative solutions in Education for International Development.

graduate institute geneva logo

I, along with 3 other graduate students in International Development from The London School of Economics designed a mobile technology solution to disaster preparedness and health responses in Uganda and Kenya. Held at The Graduate Institute of Geneva, this edition sought to address the complex issues arising from global health and how to tackle these challenges in order to foster social and economic development.

As a global health enthusiast, I am a collaborator to the World Health Organization agenda of global health governance and disease. I, along with my colleagues led a WASH project on the course of their African Leadership program. This health and wellbeing project, a case study of Uganda aimed at reducing enteric diseases through sustainable access to clean water. The project contributed to a bottom-up approach to policy making and increased knowledge on good hygiene practices in preventing enteric disease.

I also managed a research project entitled the politics of vaccination: uncovering the role of politics and finance in hepatitis B vaccination coverage in Uganda. This research contributed to policy formation and practice.

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