Discover how to become a courageous leader so that you achieve better results faster

Many leaders want to cultivate brave and more daring leadership, and embed the value of courage within them. Because leadership gets us in a place of having difficult conversations, I’m sure you don’t want to be that leader that quakes your space!

As a culmination of organization and development focused research in vulnerability, these sessions future proof your leadership skills. They reveal the actionable and game changing skill sets of courage, that can be taught, observed and measured. These sessions reveal the power of brave leadership in the environments in which we operate filled with scarcity, fear and uncertainty.

So you might be thinking, what are the benefits?

These sessions bring you face to face with relational vulnerability which is a prerequisite for courageous leadership

Help you see the gaps in your leadership strategies that are portraying your ideas as unfit in your workplace.

Help you understand the growing frustrations and resentment when things go wrong

Get you to walk into your stories learning how to rumble

Tailored around the four skill sets of courage, we face;

  • Rumbling with vulnerability
  • Living into your core values
  • Braving trust
  • Learning to rise

 My work is to help you become a courageous leader fast, through person-centred sessions that meet your needs.

See the different modalities that I take you through during these 1:1 brave leadership sessions.

Module 1: Rumbling with Vulnerability

  • Permission slips
  • Shame and the arena
  • People and seats

So you can….

  • Learn what might get in the way of practicing new ways of showing up
  • Find your personal call to being braver as a leader
  • Learn how to give permission to yourself to be braver
  • Learn how to deal with the fear of disconnection
  • Understand the message that supports us in being our true self.

Module 2: Building Core value principles

  • Defining vulnerability
  • The myths of vulnerability
  • Living into our core values and feedback

So you can…

  • Learn how to deal with uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure.
  • Tap into the power of vulnerability in becoming a brave leader
  • Understand why the fear of vulnerability keeps you from entering the arena
  • New ways of engaging in tough conversations
  • Design your core values and learn how to live in them

Module 3: Braving Trust

  • Braving trust (the anatomy of trust)
  • Braving trust with others
  • Braving trust with self

So you can learn…

    • How to bring people back when they get agitated
    • How to name a behaviour without shaming
    • Learn New ways of seeking clarity
    • To be clear on your boundaries
    • How to choose courage over comfort

Module 4: Learning to rise

  • Rumbling and rising ( feeling emotional and rising after failing / getting setbacks)
  • Offloading hurt
  • Coming out the other side

So you can learn ..

  • How to know when an emotion grabs you and how you deal with it
  • How to deal with “hurt” when it resurfaces even by the smallest comments.
  • To work with what’s going on in your life
  • To understand yourself and others in the stories that you tell
  • Designing what’s going to be different in your leadership going forward.

One More Thing ...

These sessions are 1:1 to ensure confidentiality as you walk your journey to becoming a brave leader

I am able to support you no matter the steps you want to take. You can move through the program at entirely your own pace

The beauty of these sessions is that they are tailored to fit into your life. You can purchase modules depending on order of priority and what you can practically handle in the moment, because I celebrate living in the moment.