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Are You Leveraging the POWER OF EMPATHY To Drive Success in Your Company?

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Companies that leverage the power of empathy create safe environments in which people can express their hopes and fears. Their people have a strong bond of trust and human connectedness.

And those that don’t, end up with disconnected and disgruntled teams, that lead to high turnover and business sabotage.

My work is driven by a quest for safe work spaces:


How I can Help You



Strengths Based Development Sessions

Have you ever wondered how your life would be if you stick to the stories that highlight your strengths? These 1-1 sessions allow me to work with you on finding and connecting your superpower, so your development can be focused on what you’re exceptional at, and how best you can apply your top talent to live a fulfilled life.

Elevate mentorship program for managers

This 1-1 program is the manager’s companion to getting in THE ROOM of a fast paced corporate world. It’s an expert guide that solves the manager’s dilemma of; “NOW WHAT?” I work with you to help you see you in your current state, and support you to meet the “HOW TOs” and disruptive trends of your job. This program will get you to advocate for yourself. You will not shy away from setting your big audacious goals for the possibilities ahead of you. And you’ll always be ready to show the VALUE you bring to the table! You will never feel alone and stuck!

12 weeks career and leadership curriculum

Free workbook

One - on - One weekly Virtual meeting with me

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Register for the growth action career & self-leadership workshop for managers

If you dream as big as I do, this workshop is your game changer! This quarterly workshop combines both career and self-leadership development to equip you with the skills to prepare for the greatness you work towards. Say goodbye to being stuck!

Sign up for our first quarter workshop scheduled for 25 March 2022

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Corporate Services

Corporate Trainings

These collaborative sessions will equip your teams with knowledge and skills to implement proven strategies for building conscious cultures in the workplace.

  • Culture Design Workshops
  • Self-leadership workshops
  • Strengths-based Development Sessions
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Workshops

Speaking Engagements

Book me to speak at your organisation. 

I engage teams through experiential storytelling, with the aim of driving their alignment with your organisation’s vision.

I speak about;

  • Culture within organizations 
  • Management styles on employee well-being
  • Career and leadership development

My speaking rates vary depending on location and group size

Business Consulting

Learn more about building a long-term relationship with me to help you consciously design your corporate culture, so that it becomes your comparative advantage.